Edward’s Animals is a magically realistic look at the love life of an incurably romantic, yet morbidly shy, Manhattanite. Edward is so shy he can’t see people as people. The first all too human character we meet is a foul-mouthed Doberman named Hal. Unfortunately, Hal’s addicted to MilkBone biscuits and Jim Beam. Dickens, a bipolar bear whose typewritten manuscripts eventually top the The New York Times bestseller list, follows. Among other friends–and possible lovers–Edward also attempts to rescue Muriel, a rainbow trout whom he finds turning tricks in a water-filled Con Ed barrel. Through it all, his stalwart companion Cyril, a boreal chickadee, supports his human friend, despite Cyril’s fading health. This tender, funny novella will soon be available on-line and with Print on Demand from The Northshire Press, yet ’til then excerpts of some of the stories can be found under the Edward’s Animals Excerpts tab.

The Links to Stories tab is similar: easy links to my most recently published short stories.

The Bio tab is a snippet from a novel in progress entitled The Charming Chameleon (The Story of Randall and Julia).

There are some new songs under Video. I do the music for myself and my friends–hopefully you’ll become one of them. The first is called ‘Sleeping with the Dragon’. The second is ‘God is the Space’. The third, which was written with my son, is ‘Song for a Friend’.  There’s a little bonus video of my writing partner Huckleberry hard at work at the end.


Brandon’s Writing Desk

Dr. Brandon Ayre has been an Emergency Medicine doctor in and around New York and Vermont for 25 years. He has had stories published in Black Heart MagazineCartagena Journal, Fjords (‘Barry White’s Fan’  Oct. 2014), and The Medical Post. His Melanie and Myron (The Mice) from Edward’s Animals was one of five winners in an international short story competition. He was also a Finalist (the top 2% out of a 1,000 entries) for two stories in Glimmertrain‘s Very Short Fiction Award in 2012. Before going to med school, he made his living as a singer-songwriter. He’s studied writing at The Vermont Studio Center, The New School, and The New York State Writers’ Institute. He has two children.