This video is called ‘Sleeping with the Dragon’. It’s about how hard it is to shed ourselves of our unconscious motivation. Even when we suppress negativity, unless we dig up the root, it’ll remain inside, sleeping with the dragon. I had to edit this video which I initially recorded with just guitar, to fit over this fleshed out version with more guitars and bass and percussion, and kotas and caliopes.


SONG FOR A FRIEND is for all the guys I hung out with on the island of Hydra, Greece, back in the day. My son Will wrote the first half of the last verse which includes the wonderful lines: ‘Je sais que je sais, mais je ne sais pas ou elle vive.’ (‘I know what I know but I just don’t know where she lives.’) I’m hoping to put an accordion on this.


This video-song is inspired by an Eckhart Tolle quote: “God is the space between this moment and that.” I wrote for a friend of mine named Margaret, who I see sometimes Sunday mornings in a big white wooden building with a steeple in Peru, VT.


Moth Chasing

Huckleberry at work